October 2016 Net Worth Update

October was an interesting month for my net worth. The real estate market made an unexpected jump up, to end the month at the highest price per square foot that I have ever seen in my local market – pushing my real estate equity up 10.24%!

Catamaran Shopping in Seattle

A bunch of years ago, I heard someone talking about something called a BHAG.  I had no idea what they were talking about but I went home and looked it up. BHAG – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal Cool! I can get down with that.  Lauren and I have had a BHAG for a long… Read more »

Real Estate vs. Index Fund Investing for FIRE

Currently, most of the focus within the FIRE community seems to be on maximizing pre-tax investments through 401k, IRA and HSA contributions, dumping everything into index funds, then sitting back and waiting. Once a line on a chart crosses an imaginary threshold where you can withdraw 4% per year and hypothetically never run out of money,… Read more »

My 8 Year Saga to Open a HELOC for Real Estate Investing

Even before I purchased my first bit of real estate, I knew exactly what my plan was: Buy a duplex beat up condo. live in one side and rent out the other  Fix it up, and then rent it out. Get a HELOC cash out refinance. Buy a multi-family Irresponsibly quit my job during the biggest… Read more »

Four Day Road Trip Through the Desert to Look at a Sailboat

A couple weeks ago Lauren and I embarked on 1,500 mile road trip to Guaymas, Mexico, which lies nearly 300 miles south of the border through mainland Mexico, to look at a sailboat. Here’s a little map we put together during the planning stage. Can you tell we were worried about finding gas?! Let’s back… Read more »

  • Buy House Quit Job

    Quitting my Job (The First Time)

    It was August 2009, and it had been one year since I purchased my first condo. I had an excellent job working with someone whom I really respected. I had recently completed a cash-out refinance on the condo and was flush with savings I intended to use as a down payment on a multi-unit apartment building. I was moving… Read more »

  • Using Streak CRM for Rental Property Marketing

    My tenants for Rental Property 2 have notified me that they will be moving out. So I am setting myself up to get back into “marketing mode”.  Even though I only have 3 properties, I’ve always made it a point to focus on process and think about how to scale.  Even back when I only… Read more »

  • Moved to Blue Host

    After a bit of research, and being completely fed up with my old web host.  I’ve recently decided to move to a new provider.  I’ve gone with BlueHost for it’s sparkling reviews, performance, cost and uptime guarantee.  I’m super excited I don’t have to deal with the awful web hosting provider I’ve put up with for the… Read more »

  • Closing to Leased in 5 Days!

    I closed on my third rental property last Friday!  (You can read about the first & second here.) Less than 5 days later the rehab was complete, we had the lease signed and a great tenant was moving in. I met my real estate agent at the property to do my final walk through around 9am on… Read more »

  • Closing on my second Rental Property!

    Last month, I closed on investment property #2, a 2/2 condo in Rogers Park, Chicago. This property is only a couple blocks away from my first property, that I purchased as a primary residence 2008-2009, and converted to a rental in 2010. My retirement plan is to purchase at least one rental property every five years. Since I purchased… Read more »

  • 25 Steps to Starting a Successful Blog

    $100 may not sound like a lot of money, but making it quickly is a different story.   If you want to make money with your blog, follow the steps below and you will be well on your way to making your first $100 in 30 days. First Things First 1. What Is Your Passion?… Read more »

  • Blogging Photographer A New Project

    I have just begun work on a new project, a blog, Blogging Photographer. It is just what it sounds like, a website about blogging and photography it will specifically focus on the benefits of combining the two by using blogging to supercharge your photography efforts online.

  • 2009 A Year Revisited – The Journey Continues

    The title of this post used to be 2008 A Year Revisited, that is how bad good a procrastinator I am.  In a previous post I discussed my original intent for this site along with my goal of becoming self sufficient by 2009.  Meaning I would be sustainably self employed with multiple streams of income, posessing… Read more »

  • Coworking

    I am totally obsessed with Coworking right now.  I have been intrigued by the idea, since I first heard about it a number of years ago.  However it wasn’t until recently I really got excited about it. Coworking in its infancy has gained a large following with the early adopter crowd, creative coworking spaces like New… Read more »