Shift Change

Shift Change

I’m quitting work all over again – for the third time. This blog will see some change, I Will be back shortly.

  • Blogging Photographer A New Project

    I have just begun work on a new project, a blog, Blogging Photographer. It is just what it sounds like, a website about blogging and photography it will specifically focus on the benefits of combining the two by using blogging to supercharge your photography efforts online.

  • 2009 A Year Revisited – The Journey Continues

    The title of this post used to be 2008 A Year Revisited, that is how bad good a procrastinator I am.  In a previous post I discussed my original intent for this site along with my goal of becoming self sufficient by 2009.  Meaning I would be sustainably self employed with multiple streams of income, posessing… Read more »

  • Mobile Blogging: WordPress on the iPhone

    I have been swooning over the iPhone since the day it was released but was never able to convince myself that I could afford it. However as time went by, the phone and it’s applications got more advanced, while I grew more antsy.

  • How To Make Money 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year

    Chances are if you have an email address, you’ve received a spam email or two spouting off some crazy message similar to the title of this post. Most likely you immediately dismissed the idea as sheer lunacy and clicked delete.

  • Is Tiered Marketing The Best Way To Make Money Blogging?

    That is the question I wanted to find an answer to. I had been searching high and low for a source I could trust. Looking past the blinking advertisements and “Pro Bloggers” with no luck, I decided to reach out to someone I respect and look up to, fellow blogger Ashley Morgan.

  • The Three Pillars of My Financial Freedom

    The goal of KirkHatesWork is to provide a venue to document my journey from an employee breaking free from the rigors of 9-5 life to a financially secure and self employed entrepreneur, but I have never actually shared how I plan to go about doing so. Many entrepreneurs have come before me attempting a similar feat, and there have been just as many opinions about the best way to do so. The following is mine…

  • God Save Humanity Corporations Are Ruining The World

    I can not tell you how angry I get using the automated phone systems large corporations have put in place. They are usability nightmares. I have been hung up on, stuck in endless loops, and even listened to the system crash as the voice read off its last dying error messages; the systems are slow, they never understand what it is you are saying,

  • The Biggest Real Estate Fortunes Are Made In Down Markets

    “Now is the time to dive in to make some serious cash”, says Barbara Corcoran in an interview on the TODAY Show, “foreclosures up 30% from last years levels.” “Most of the biggest real estate fortunes were not made in good times, but in bad times like this… Why miss this golden opportunity to make your real estate fortunes?”

  • 11 Lessons Guy Kawasaki Has Learned To Become Truly Innovative

    Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, marketer and all around business guru. He recently gave a speech at the 2009 NAIS Annual Conference a conference for teachers that included a great list of lessons he has learned along the way to become truly innovative – in business, in education, in life.

  • KirkHatesWork Gets a Facelift

    With the new theme, comes a renewed spirit and a laundry list of new improvements to the blog both technically and metaphorically speaking. In an unfortunate series of events I put Kirk Hates Work on the back burner last year shortly after I was hit with the idea to create the site. Other projects, and other areas of my life were begging louder for my attention, and although it may not have been deservingly they received it.